Venice is a wonderful Italian jewel, a unique and magic city which can make generations of visitors dream. It has remained completely untouched for centuries, the only one among the few. It is impossible not to be influenced by its charm, by its salty odour typical of a maritime city, and by its warm and magnetic colours.

Venice is a worshipped lover, an accomplice in unlimited mischievous affairs. Venice, embracing the land with its canals, superb and narcissist, is still the most beautiful.

Art, history, culture, richness, they all melt together to create our products’ complex and elaborate shapes. This way, a simple and absolutely necessary object such as a bag becomes luxurious.


Open spaces, both in vertical and horizontal, show clean shapes which are very modern and amazing. It’s easy to feel small and lonely in these huge cities, but it’s as easy to realize you can do anything that comes to mind.

Skyscrapers and their glass facades show a sober and elegant architectural style, which is inspiration to simple but very classy handcrafts. Colours, odours and human beings... All different parts are well mixed to create an elegant and harmonious composition, attractive to all creative types.

Dark and wonderful cities can give emotions and endless adventures; thus they can inspire objects with well-defined characteristics and great style.

Far East

Clear blue sky, tree-lined roads and a whirlwind of cherry blossoms frame streets and gardens; evocative architecture and ancient palaces inspire our artwork’s soft and round shapes.

The shy and quiet tradition melts with strong and cold technology to give shape to each element of our creations. Bright light landscapes can illuminate even the most simple of the elements.

Everything around you, in such places, has a soul. This powerful, lively soul pulsates and can make every choice thrilling: from shapes to colours, from the detail to the entire object.

Middle East

The Sun is going down over the horizon, we can see an oasis with fruit palms and, far away, a welcoming lagoon. The desert's hot wind, embracing and seducing; in the background Scheherazade‘s palace from One Thousand and One Nights, which will give you shelter and hospitality.

The Middle East is the deep heart of our Planet, with its cities swarming with life, full of contradictions and richness. Charm and lust in a very special place, charged with life energy.

Here, tradition has never abandoned man’s actions and works. An idea becomes real and makes every work unique and inimitable, characterized by a soft spicy and sweet aftertaste.